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    We are a team of music producers, audio engineers, and developers passioned about creating tools that make the music production process smoother, faster, and more fun. We love innovation and believe there's no limit to improvement and creativity.

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    How do we create?

    Our skilled music producers and engineers are aware of the challenges and difficulties that these duties entail. As a result, we come up with ideas and solutions for specific issues. Our programmers and developers put the concepts into action by producing high-quality software to assist you in achieving better results in your job. Our designers ensure that our software provides an excellent user experience.

    Techivation products are designed to be utilized as an investment in users’ professional development. We like to help our fellow producers and engineers make their music sound better and achieve more success.

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    Techivation is supported by several industry professionals with years of in-the-field experience. We always make sure to brainstorm and discuss several aspects with our artists to be sure we see things from various perspectives, but not just from ours.

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    Public reviews

    Read what the users and experts say about our plug-ins on KVR Audio and Gearspace. You can also write reviews and join discussions, or argumeents about our products on their forums.

    Contact info

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Techivation Headquarter

    2nd Floor college house, 17, King Edwards Road, Ruislip London, HA4 7AE United Kingdom

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