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Matthew Sim

Matthew Sim

Matt Sim is a Grammy-nominated and award-winning mixer, mastering engineer, producer, consultant, and pro audio designer based out of Hong Kong. He started his career at the famous Germano Studios/The Hit Factory NYC. He is a highly sought-after mixer with numerous chart-topping successes in the USA, China, France, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc. Over 1000 mixes had been released from 2015-2021 that covered all genres: Pop, Hip Hop, Trap, Trap, EDM, Jazz, Gospel, Prog Rock, R&B, Cpop, Kpop, Tpop… He is currently the leading Dolby Atmos mixer in Asia, exclusively mixing for Warner Asia as well as Sony and Universal Music in Asia.

As a former staff mixer at Germano Studios/The Hit Factory NYC, he had engineered for numerous A list artists including Big Sean, Idina Menzel, Desiigner, Billy Porter, Pusha T, Bette Midler, Gucci Mane, John Splithoff, Murda Beatz, Jake Paul, Steve Epstein, Kai, Malay Ho and many more.

“T-De-Esser Pro is easy to use yet comprehensive enough to dial in the best tone for the vocals. I love the grittier tone I can get out of this de-esser. If I push hard enough, it adds that extra flavor to the vocal besides doing what it is supposed to do. T-De-Esser Pro will be part of my desert island tool kit from now on!' - Matthew Sim

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