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Eryck Bry

Eryck Bry

Eryck Bry

We are proud to see engineers like Eryck using our plug-in in their projects. Eryck has supported Techivation since the beginning when we released the free T-De-Esser plug-in, and he’s continued to use our plug-in T-De-Esser Pro since then.

Eryck’s passion for music began at a young age and has been a constant throughout his life. The audio bug had bitten him by the time he graduated from high school. He was captivated after trading a few of his guitars for an 8-track tape recorder and a sampling groove-box. His newfound passion for music creation and audio engineering was quickly turned into a pastime. However, as soon as he understood that this was a viable area, he made the decision to go all in. His path into the professional world of music began from there.

Eryck joined Sound Squeeze, a privately owned Long Island recording studio, as an in-house music producer and engineer in 2006. He began working freelance out of Lobo Recording Studios in late 2007, honing his abilities in recording and mixing for some of the world’s top studio musicians. He launched Friggy Music LLC, an independent music production company, at the end of 2009. His entire career has been a domino effect since then, with one chance leading to the next.

Eryck just made the decision to go full-time freelancing in order to focus on making high-quality sounds for a variety of projects. He works at a variety of studios across New York, determining which one to utilize based on the equipment required for each job. He presently divides his time between producing and mixing for high-profile clients and exploring the globe for the next big thing.

Eric StoryEric Story

“Eryck Bry is a New York-based music producer and audio engineer best known for working on pop, hip-hop, reggae, electronic, and indie projects. A true ambassador to music both in and out of the studio, Eryck has worked with some of the most prominent names and rising stars in the music industry today. - Eryck Bry

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