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    Austin Cannon

    Austin Cannon

    Austin Cannon is a composer and producer from East Nashville, Tennessee. He started his career in music as a keyboard player and music director for numerous churches, musicians, and bands after growing up in Oklahoma City, OK. Austin graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music with a B.A. in music production in 2015 and interned at Six01 Studios in Burbank, California.

    In the spring of 2017, Austin and his wife Amanda relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where he started producing and composing for Pop and CCM acts. He’s collaborated with a variety of musicians, including Stars Go Dim, Switch, Christy Nockels, Lincoln Brewster, and many more.

    “As a producer, I’m always looking for new tools that increase my ability to serve my artists. The Techivation T-De-Esser is the latest plugin in my vocal chain lineup and has been doing a wonderful job tastefully taming those “s”’s and other hard consonants.” - Austin Cannon

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