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AI-Clarity is a lightning-fast dynamic resonance suppressor powered by machine learning. It swiftly analyses audio to identify and eliminate boxiness, muddiness, and harshness, ensuring your tracks sound crystal clear.

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Techivation Plugins Compatibility
Compatible with macOS and Windows.Available as VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. - Apple Silicon Chips

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Key Features

  • Clarity

    “Clarity” is the main control of the plug-in. It determines the intensity with which the plug-in will selectively suppress problematic frequencies identified during the learning process.

    Depending on the type of material you are using AI-Clarity on, “Clarity” will intelligently find and minimise unwanted characteristics such as muddiness, boxiness, or harshness, while keeping the perceived loudness of your track the same,

  • Learn Processor

    “Learn” button enables the plug-in to capture and analyse the input and intelligently set the processing parameters. AI-Clarity will capture 3.5 seconds of audio for the analysis. Make sure to play the busiest part of your track when learning to get the best results.

  • Diff button

    “Diff” control enables you to listen to the difference between the processed and original signals. This allows you to audibly perceive the changes made to your audio, making it easier to fine-tune the “Clarity” amount that is right for your track.

  • Enable/Disable Mid-Side

    “Enable/Disable Mid-Side” menu option allows you to switch the plugin processing between Left & Right and Mid-Side modes.

  • Output Control

    “Output” is a transparent gain control applied to the signal after all other processing.

  • Input-output level meters

    Input-Output Level Meters are visual displays that show the audio levels of the input and output signals before and after processing.

  • Internal On/Off Switch

    The plug-in features a dedicated bypass/on control, which allows for the swift enabling or bypassing of the effect. This user-friendly control is designed to help avoid potential clicks or audio artefacts that may occur when toggling the effect on or off directly within the DAW host.

  • Scalable user interface

    AI-Clarity’s interface scaling feature lets you adjust GUI size for optimal workflow. Choose from 50% to 150% scaling options to tailor the interface to your preference. Despite scaling, visual quality stays consistent, ensuring clarity. Optimised for high-quality monitors, including retina displays, the plugin maintains its performance across devices.

  • Undo/redo options

    AI-Clarity includes built-in 'Undo' and 'Redo' functions, offering reassurance during audio processing. Easily revert or redo changes, saving time and avoiding potential loss of adjustments. These functions enable experimentation without permanent alterations, enhancing workflow and facilitating informed decision-making in audio production.

  • Tooltips

    AI-Clarity offers tooltips, accessible via the plugin's menu, providing brief descriptions of each UI element when enabled. Tooltips enhance navigation by offering insights into controls and settings, such as function, range, and impact on the audio signal. Enabling tooltips streamlines workflow and facilitates understanding of the plugin's functionality. Simply hover over a control to receive relevant information.

AI-Clarity Features



7 and up as 64-bit VST and VST3, and 64-bit AAX (PT11 and up).

Mac OS

10.15 (Catalina) and higher as VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. Intel processors, and Apple Silicon Chips.

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