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Bruno Furlan

Bruno Furlan

Bruno’s talent shows up very quickly, and all it takes is the right setting to help him realize his full potential. He seized his assets at an early age to become one of Brazil’s newest underground prodigies, Whistle Records, as well as others such as Nervous, CUFF, Dirtybird, This Ain’t Bristol and Relief. He has been constantly lauded and invited to join the likes of Amine Edge & Dance, Green Velvet, and Claude VonStroke on their adventures across the world, be it playing at events like The Dirtybird Campout or exploring the Australian outback, always propelled by an innate sense of adventure. Every factor that led him to this point will continue to propel him forward.

“ T-De-Esser is one of the cleanest, simplest and most successful plugins I've ever seen! the reduction is very good and at the same time very smooth, it doesn't lose the quality of the vocals, and it's even possible to change which frequencies you want it to reduce… I'll definitely use it very often - Bruno Furlan

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