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    Marlon Gibbons

    Marlon Gibbons

    Marlon Gibbons is a multi-instrumentalist & Composer for TV & Advertising. He’s been producing music for TV and Ad for almost 2 decades and to date has had thousands of TV placements and written music for some of the world’s most notable brands. A few of Marlon’s credits include Bachelor, Dancing With The Stars, Temptation Island, America’s Got Talent, Master Chef, Discovery ID, Archer, Access Hollywood, American Idol, Top Gear, F-Word, and more. Marlon is a proud ambassador for Godin Guitars, GHS Strings, and Warm Audio.”

    “The T-De-Esser Pro, is an incredible De-Esser.. but it’s also so much more, yet the GUI makes it so intuitive. It lets you audition, hone in on and correct troublesome areas, but it’s as equally an amazing tool for colouring or adding character to a track or instrument. It’s a multi-tool in my opinion.“ - Marlon Gibbons

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