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10 Popular Rap Songs That Could Sound Better With The T-De-Esser Pro

One thing every mastering engineer should keep in mind is to make sure the song they’re working on will sound decent on any kind of playback system. Besides that, the mastering engineer needs to consider the artistic vision of the song’s artist; but of course, if the result hurts the ears of the listener, we could not call that an artistic vision

What can cause noticeable damage to the ears of the listeners when listening to a song at a loud volume is the sibilance and high-frequency sounds. Most people can’t stand listening to songs with sibilance issues, as it keeps tiring their ears and giving them ear fragility.

In this article, I want to share 10 songs by successful and well-known artists that have sibilance problems. The reason is to show how even some of the top industry people underestimate the importance of having a clean and smooth hi-end. That is exactly what the T-De-Esser Pro is designed to give you while allowing you to be more creative in that process.

Let’s check them out. The louder you listen to them, the more noticeable their issues become.

1. Saint By Huncho Jack, Travis Scott, Quavo

This song needs a T-De-Esser Pro badly, on vocals and hi-hats.

2. Ramen & OJ By Joyner Lucas, Lil Baby

This could be saved if T-De-Esser Pro was used on the hi-hats and claps.

3. Up By Nav

There are many elements that need a T-De-Esser Pro on them here.

4. I Can Tell By Travis Scott

Obviously, the main vocal is suffering from a lack of T-De-Esser Pro.

5. Fly Shit Only By Future

The hi-hats, in particular, become annoying as the volume is increased, and they could definitely benefit from a T-De-Esser Pro.

6. Oh Me Oh My By DJ Snake

The vocals sound too bright at some parts of the song where more bright elements play together, and that’s definitely due to a lack of T-De-Esser Pro.

7. Floating By Schoolboy Q

The hi-hats and the claps in this song could do much better with a T-De-Esser Pro.

8. Plastic Bag By Drake, Future

The hi-hats and snare definitely sound too bright here.

9. No worries by Lil Wayne

The main vocals in the chorus part mainly need some T-De-Esser Pro flavor added to avoid harm to the ears.

10. March Madness By Future, Southside

The snare in this song can really hurt the ears at loud volumes, and again, that’s definitely due to the lack of T-De-Esser Pro on it.


These songs are definitely popular since they’re made by popular artists and are supported by major labels and massive promotions. However, when it comes to independent artists, it’s even more important to consider every aspect of the song to be perfect, including sound quality. The high frequencies can be a major reason for people to stop listening to a song.

Of course, smoothing out the high sounds is still possible without the T-De-Esser Pro, but we just made it super simple and straightforward in it to make the magic happen. Make sure to try it out and compare the results for yourself.

By Amin Asbaghipour – Techivation CEO

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