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What makes the T-De-Esser Pro a must-have for professionals?

What makes the T-De-Esser Pro a must-have for professionals?

T-De-Esser could be the most natural sounding de-esser in the market if there were no pro version of it. If you’ve tried the free T-De-Esser or T-De-Esser Plus, you’d probably have noticed how much different it is from other de-essers at what it does; killing the bad S’sses…

Undoubtedly, de-essing is an essential process for mixing and mastering, and it’s important to pick the right one to get the best results. What makes the T-De-Esser a very popular one is how musical and natural it does its job without causing artifacts (or basically messing up the high-end).

The Pro version, however, is the industry professionals’ choice because it even takes the de-essing game further and gives the best results one would expect. Let’s put our words into action and show what we actually mean with sound examples.

Below, we have a vocal track; one is de-essed using Logic Pro X stock de-esser, another using the T-De-Esser free version, and the other using the T-De-Esser Pro. Now, please listen to them carefully on your studio monitors or headphones and pick the one you think is the best sounding one, and you’ll see what tool was used for it.

Make sure to listen at a loud volume as the high-frequency harshness and sibilances get more noticeable at a higher amplitude.

Vocal Track

--:-- / --:--
Which one has the T-De-Esser Pro on it?

What makes the T-De-Esser Pro special?

What makes the T-De-Esser Pro offer a better sound than the T-De-Esser is the combination of its effective extra features. By just turning on the ‘Lookahead’ feature, you can hear a significant difference in how the plug-in proceeds with the audio.

The ‘Lookahead’ effectively allows the plug-in to see the signal a few moments before it is processed, and the result is a more accurate and smooth behavior of the attack and release performance.

We use the example below to show it clearly. We used extreme settings to demonstrate the difference in the sound with and without the ‘Lookahead’ feature enabled. The attack is set at 0 ms and the release at 1 ms. This example is not about making it sound good, but just to clearly show how the ‘Lookahead’ makes a difference.

In this extreme example, you can clearly hear the sound being distorted while the ‘Lookahead’ is off. We love this magical button!

--:-- / --:--

Another key factor that makes the T-De-Esser Pro sound more dominant is its high-quality oversampling up to 16X, which helps decrease aliasing by executing the internal process at a higher sample rate than the host.

The saturation and its “filter” option allow you to apply unique harmonic saturations to the high frequencies you decide to smooth out. So the plug-in not only helps with de-essing but also blending the high frequencies with a nice saturation effect to make a nicer balance in the selected frequency range.

Extra controls over de-essing settings such as attack and release help with a more accurate result as every track has a different speed and flow and might require a different attack and release setting. Along with what we mentioned, features like the parallel mix, mid-side and stereo link, and custom frequency control all help in creating a more professional sound.

Try the T-De-Esser Pro now and experience this yourself.

Written by Amin Asbaghipour - Techivation Founder

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