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    Discover how easy it is to fix boxiness and muddiness issues using Techivation M-Clarity.

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    A guide to control sibilance in vocal production to avoid distraction.

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    In this article, we go through a few tips and tricks for you to get the most out of M-Puncher, the comprehensive transient shaping plugin.

    What makes M-Blender a Game Changer

    M-Blender is one of a handful of plugins that can automatically help create space in your mix through “cleaning” any clashing frequencies...

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    Consider these tips for using M-Compressor more efficiently to achieve the best results for your tracks.

    10 Essential Uses of M-De-Esser

    Techivation has leveraged the latest advancements in digital signal processing to create a tool like no other – the M-De-Esser.

    Techivation M-De-Esser Walkthrough

    Watch the Techivation M-De-Esser's walkthrough:The end of the search for the perfect de-esser. Now available!

    Redefining Analog Smoothness:M-Clarity, The Cutting-Edge Spectral Processor

    Unleashing Spectral Brilliance. Discover the power of M-Clarity.