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    The Differences Between the Techivation T Series and M Series Plug-ins

    The Differences Between the Techivation T Series and M Series Plug-ins

    In 2021, Techivation was born with the release of the T-De-Esser free plug-in, which quickly became the go-to de-esser plug-in for many sound engineers. Following that success, premium Techivation plug-ins emerged, including the T-De-Esser Pro. This advanced version of the T-De-Esser free plug-in offers new features such as lookahead, oversampling, and mid-side processing.

    Throughout 2021 and 2022, we worked hard to develop more effective and innovative audio processing tools. During this time, we released several additional T series plug-ins, including T-Exciter, T-Warmer, T-Compressor, and more.

    Techivation team is deeply committed to technology and innovation, constantly brainstorming new solutions and improvements. Following the release of several T series plug-ins throughout 2021 and 2022, we received valuable user feedback that guided us in shaping a new series of plug-ins, setting higher standards and aiming for greater objectives.

    That's when we decided to introduce the Techivation M series product line. The 'M' in the M series stands for 'Mastering,' although these plug-ins are designed for use across all audio mixing, editing, and mastering processes. The 'Mastering' standards in the name reflect our commitment to ensuring quality and accuracy in all aspects of audio production.

    The technology and DSP algorithms in M series plug-ins have been significantly upgraded and refined compared to the T series. Thanks to valuable feedback and the new experiences gained from providing users with innovative tools, we have achieved a higher level of plug-in development with the M series

    So how do they exactly compare?

    New kinds of processors

    Some of the Techivation M series plug-ins can be categorized similarly to certain T series plug-ins, like M-De-Esser compared to T-De-Esser or M-Compressor compared to T-Compressor. However, the M series also introduces new types of processors that belong to distinct categories, such as M-Loudener and M-Blender.

    M-Loudener: The M-Loudener is the first developed M series plug-in. It is a Dynamic Range Enhancer, and what we describe as “The ultimate tool for increasing loudness while preserving dynamic range and clarity”.

    While there is no similar audio processor found in the T series, users quickly noticed the difference in accuracy and sound quality when using the M-Loudener compared to the T series.

    Now, don’t get us wrong, we believe that the T series plug-ins still set the standard for audio quality in the market today. However, why not push the boundaries even further if we have the opportunity?

    M-Blender: The M-Blender is another audio plug-in that belongs to a distinct category compared to any T series plug-ins. It's an innovative tool designed to create space in a mix by resolving clashing frequencies between tracks. Developed with even higher standards and cutting-edge technologies than the T series plug-ins, especially when combined with our unique true spectral processing algorithm, it offers a completely new experience in opening up space between tracks in a mix.

    Try it out yourself!

    New technology & extra accuracy

    We've enhanced our attention to detail in creating the M series plug-ins, utilizing new technologies and developing more advanced audio processing algorithms to achieve higher sound quality.

    So when it comes to making a comparison between the T-De-Esser Pro and the M-De-Esser, we assure you, that the M-De-Esser is at a whole new level.

    What does the accuracy mean?

    By adding extra accuracy, we mean to make the plug-ins more adaptable to type of the sound you’re using the plug-ins for. For example, if you want to apply de-essing to a drum snare hit, there’s a chance that you end up with not the perfect result you’re after, due to several reasons, which could be room acoustic treatment issues, your ears being tired after working long hours, the studio monitors and headphones problems, and so on. So with our accurate spectral processing algorithm in M-De-Esser for instance, the plug-in helps to operate accurately to only transparently eliminate the harsh, and sibilance sounds from the track you’re working on, giving you the result that you actually want.

    This also saves time and opens extra room for creativity. Many audio processing tools are solutions for problems, and de-esser is one of those. So you don’t want to spend long hours just to fix a harshness problem in a sound, rather you wanna get it sorted quickly and move into your next unique idea for your mix, and the M series plug-ins make it easy for that by quickly giving you the result you’re after, due to their high accuracy.

    New technology: Less is more

    In some cases, we've intentionally reduced the number of features in our M series plug-ins. Take, for example, the T-De-Esser Pro, which appears to offer more controls and features compared to the M-De-Esser. Despite this, we maintain that the M-De-Esser is of a higher calibre, thanks to the implementation of newer technologies. One such advancement is the true spectral shaping algorithm found in the M-De-Esser. While the T-De-Esser Pro boasts oversampling up to 16X, the M-De-Esser achieves superb sound quality without the need for oversampling.

    Its algorithm is designed to deliver higher sound quality than 16X oversampling, while not requiring to oversample its processing at all. Or there is no ‘Lookahead’ feature available in the M-De-Esser, whereas you see it in the T-De-Esser Pro. That is because the spectral processing algorithm responds to inputs with precise timing and has no need for a ‘Lookahead’ feature.

    Think of it like the cockpits of airplanes in the 1960s and 1970s, which used to have numerous buttons and knobs, sometimes even requiring a flight engineer to manage certain tasks. Today, there are fewer controls as many functions have become automated and are managed by the airplane’s computer system, resulting in greater accuracy.

    A better user experience, and look

    After releasing more T series plug-ins we learned from our users what they like about them and what they don’t. We tried to focus on what they liked more and improve them in the M series.

    In the M series plug-ins, we revamped the GUI (graphic user interface) style and design to enhance the user experience. This involved simplifying the interface and reducing distractions, with only essential controls placed strategically for easy access.

    Furthermore, we improved the stability of the GUI functionalities and ensured a flawless registration system. Additionally, we optimized the CPU usage of the GUIs significantly and introduced more GUI sizes to accommodate different monitor sizes.


    We will continue to closely monitor our users' perspectives and develop additional products aimed at enhancing and streamlining their work processes. In summary, users now express greater confidence in our M series plug-ins, and we are delighted about this outcome.

    Feel free to activate a 14-day free trial for any of our plug-ins today, and you are always welcome to contact us with your valuable feedback.

    Written by Amin Asbaghipour - Techivation Founder

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