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    M-Compressor is an advanced spectral audio compressor that offers both downward and upward compression, providing distortion-free dynamic processing for any sound. It comes with dynamic thresholds to ensure balanced compression across the spectrum, without over-compressing the low frequencies and under-compressing the highs.

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    Compatible with macOS and Windows.Available as VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. - Apple Silicon Chips

    Smart solution for creators

    Smooth, distortion-free audio compression

    • M-Compressor Illustration 1

      Spectral audio compression equipped with dynamic thresholds

      Regular compressors adjust the overall signal level based on its relationship to the compressor threshold. Instead of the overall signal level, M-Compressor works with the signal spectrum. Individual frequencies are compressed based on their levels relative to the spectral threshold curve.

      The spectral thresholds are what allows M-Compressor to operate artefact-free. The shape of the spectral threshold is determined by the spectral contour of the input signal, and it dynamically changes with the input. This ensures balanced compression across the spectrum, without over-compressing the low frequencies and under-compressing the highs, which is typical for regular compressors. It also preserves the original tonal balance of the input signal.

    • M-Compressor Illustration 2

      Downward & Upward compression both at your fingertips

      In addition to the traditional downward compression, M-Compressor also offers a spectral take on the upward compression. In downward compression, the signal level is reduced when it exceeds the threshold. Upward compression works in the opposite way: the signal level is boosted when it falls below the threshold. This is particularly useful when you want to bring out the ambiance in the signal or achieve more aggressive sounding compression.

      The user interface offers an intuitive experience for making quick and easy adjustments to both downward and upward compression.

    • M-Compressor Illustration 3

      Shape your sound’s tonal balance like never before

      For cases where changes to the tonal balance are desired, the plugin also offers a tilt control for the spectral thresholds. It allows to apply more compression to one part of the spectrum, while compressing the rest of the spectrum less.

      This feature is very useful for controlling depth, warmth, and the colour of the sound.

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    Key Features

    • Down & Up Threshold

      Down Threshold' defines the level above which the signal will be compressed downwards.

      Up Threshold' defines the level below which the signal will be compressed upwards.

    • Down & Up Ratio

      Down Ratio controls the strength of downward compression. When set to 1.0:1, downward compression is disabled.

      Up Ratio controls the strength of upward compression. When set to 1.0:1, upward compression is disabled.

    • Attack & Release

      Attack controls how quickly the compressor responds to an increase in signal level, and Release controls how long it takes to stop compressing once the signal level have subsided.

    • Intensity

      Intensity controls how soft or hard the compression character is. Lower settings use softer knee with a limited compression range. Higher settings use harder knee and the full compression range.

    • Punch

      Punch controls the amount of transient emphasis.

    • Tilt & Tilt Centre

      Tilt sets the dB/octave slope of the spectral threshold tilt, and Tilt Centre controls the centre frequency around which the spectral thresholds are tilted.

    • Analyser

      The spectrum analyser in M-Compressor visualises the input signal spectrum, the downward and upward spectral thresholds, and the spectral adjustments performed by the compressor.

    • Ext. Sidechain & sc-hp

      'Ext. Sidechain' enables the use of an external signal to drive downward compression. The sc-hp (sidechain highpass filter) cuts the lows in the sidechain frequency range from 10Hz up to 100Hz.

    • Dry-wet mix

      Mix control allows to use M-Compressor for parallel compression. A common scenario would be to set up M-Compressor for an aggressive sound, and then blend it with the original signal by lowering the Mix. The Make Up gain is applied to the compressed signal before the Mix, so you can match the before and after levels for seamless parallel blending.

    • Diff & Sidechain

      'Diff lets you listen to the difference between processed and original signals, and Sidechain lets you listen to the sidechain input.

    • Stereo Link

      Stereo Link controls how M-Compressor responds to stereo signals. When its set to zero, the stereo channels are treated completely independently (dual-mono compression). At 100%, the spectral thresholds for the stereo channels are linked together, preserving the original stereo image after compression (stereo compression). Values between 0 and 100% allow you to find the right level of channel independence when compressing stereo signals.

    • Input-output-diff level meters

      Input-Output Level Meters are visual displays that show the audio levels of the input and output signals before and after processing.

      These meters provide real-time feedback on the input and output levels, allowing you to monitor the changes in amplitude that occur during the audio compression process.

    • Auto-Gain & Make Up

      Auto Gain enables automatic control of "Make Up Gain". When "Auto Gain" is disabled, the "Make Up" parameter is set to the latest measured auto gain value.

    • Scaleable user interface

      The interface scaling feature in M-Compressor allows you to customize the size of the GUI to suit your preferences and optimize your workflow. With a range of scaling options available, from 50% to 150%, you can personalize the interface to match your visual and working style.

    • Internal On/Off Switch

      The plug-in features a dedicated bypass/on control, which allows for the swift enabling or bypassing of the effect. This user-friendly control is designed to help avoid potential clicks or audio artefacts that may occur when toggling the effect on or off directly within the DAW host.

    • Undo/redo options

      The M-Compressor plug-in comes equipped with the handy feature of built-in 'Undo' and 'Redo' options, providing added peace of mind while working on your audio processing. With these functions, you can easily revert to previous settings or redo changes that were made in error, saving time and eliminating the stress of potentially losing valuable adjustments.

    • A/B Switch

      The A/B buttons provide a convenient way to compare different options and find the optimal setting for your audio processing needs.

    • Tooltips

      M-Compressor features a handy 'tooltips' option that you can enable or disable from the plugin's menu. When this option is enabled, you can see a brief description of each part of the user interface by simply holding your mouse over that particular section.

    M-Compressor Features



    7 and up as 64-bit VST and VST3, and 64-bit AAX (PT11 and up).

    Mac OS

    10.9 (OS X Mavericks) and higher as VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. Intel processors, and Native Apple Silicon Chips.

    Useful Resources

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