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T-Warmer Reviewed By AFA Productions

T-Warmer Reviewed By AFA Productions


T-Warmer is the latest plugin from Techivation, and it is a very versatile harmonic saturation plugin. This plugin, like all of Techivation’s products, appears to be quite simple, yet all of the magic happens behind the hood. This plugin enhances your sound by adding harmonic saturation and a pleasing EQ curve.

If you’ve used any of Techivation’s products, you know that each of their plugins has a unique set of options/modes. The T-Warmer features four unique saturation settings, ranging from gentle to aggressive. Phat (Fills up the sound nicely with musical harmonic saturation, making it thicker and phatter), Smooth (Applies a more subtle kind of harmonic saturation to the sound), Hard (Ideal for creating unique aggressive sounds out of soft-sounding instruments in a mix), and Warm (Like ‘Phat,’ this mode helps to quickly make things sound thicker but also warmer). Let’s have a look at how each of these options affects your signal and learn more about T-Warmer.

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