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    With incredible audio saturation capabilities, the T-Warmer will add weight and warmth to your tracks while keeping them sounding musical.

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    Compatible with macOS and Windows.Available as VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. - M1 & M2

    Smart solution for creators

    T-Warmer adds pure musical width & warmth to your sound

    • T-Warmer Illustration

      Choose your favorite saturation & color

      T-Warmer offers four different high quality harmonic saturations designed with the purpose of making your low and mid frequencies warmer and thicker.

      The plug-in allows you to apply any of these harmonic saturation makers to a certain frequency range of your sound, from 20Hz to 600Hz, or perhaps your own tailored choice. Featuring the streamlined interface design that Techivation is known for, T-Warmer will add extra weight to your sounds in just a few seconds.

    • T-Warmer Illustration

      Give your low-end a hi-end supreme quality

      Unlike some other saturation plug-ins, T-Warmer has been specifically designed to add weight and fatness to sound. The 8X oversampling under the hood assures the results are of supreme quality

      T-Warmer is excellent for applying both subtle or aggressive effects to any sound it encounters. Depending on your sound source and taste, you can take advantage of both ways.

      Our extensive research showed that subtle amounts of T-Warmer effect sound the most effective on sounds with more low frequencies while more aggressive amounts would help on thinner sounds with less low frequencies.

    • T-Warmer Illustration

      Optimize your time for more creativity

      With only the most essential and effective controls right at your fingertips, T-Warmer is great for audio engineers of all levels. The streamlined design helps you to quickly get the sound that you’re looking for.

      The user interface in T-Warmer is designed with minimalism and effectiveness in mind, following Techivation’s design ethos of removing distraction through beautiful design.

      The graphical user interface of T-Warmer lets you scale it from 80% to 150% to your preferences, and it’s optimized for high-resolution retina monitors. As a further result of its minimalist design, T-Warmer lets you save more CPU power.

    Stop Producing Vocals Without THIS Plugin

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    Key Features

    • Four different effect modes

      There are four effect modes in T-Warmer. Each one fills up the sound with a unique musical harmonic saturation algorithm.

      Smooth: Applies a more subtle kind of harmonic saturation to the sound.

      Phat: Fills up the sound nicely with musical harmonic saturation making it sound thicker and phatter!

      Warm: Like Phat, this mode also helps to quickly make things sound thicker but also warmer!

      Hard: Ideal for creating unique aggressive sounds out of soft sounding instruments in a mix.

    • Warmth amount control

      Warmth knob is the major control in T-Warmer. Turning this knob will determine how much warmth, thickness and weight is being added to the sound.

    • Frequency control

      The presence knob lets you set the frequency range you want the effect of T-Warmer applied to. Depending on the sound source, taste, and your purpose of using the plug-in, you can choose from 20Hz to 60Hz to 20Hz to 600Hz using this knob.

    • Oversampling set at 8X

      T-Warmer's oversampling reduces aliasing by running the internal process at a greater sample rate than the host: 8 times faster, giving you a better sound quality.

    • Scalable graphic user interface

      Scale up/down the GUI from 80% to 150% according to your preferences.

    • Undo/redo options

      Undo and redo options are built inside the plugin, you no longer need to worry about losing setting values.

    • A/B Switch

      Compare different options fast and easy to see which might work best.

    • Dry/wet Mix

      The "Mix" option controls the mix of the two input and output signals. This feature makes it perfect for parallel processing.

    • Presets

      There are several presets available in T-Warmer, carefully designed for different kinds of sounds. It also allows you to create and save your own custom presets for a faster workflow.

    T-Warmer Features

    Simple but effective way to fatten up your audio.

    — MusicTech Magazine
    Adam C Mastering

    This is an impressive, easy-to-use tool to enhance and beef up your low end. I really like the Smooth mode for mastering, but there are plenty of options to get wild with it if you really want to add some thickness to your tracks.

    Adam C Mastering (Mastering Engineer)
    Jake Antelis

    T-warmer made everything I put it on sound better. The interface is simple and intuitive to use and easy to improve any song that you’re working on. I highly recommend it.

    Jake Antelis (Music Producer - Mixing Engineer)
    Marlon Gibbons

    I’m a fan of Saturation and Colour, both in the mixing stage but also to sweeten up instruments, especially acoustic. What I love about the T-Warmer (like most of Techivation plugs) is that it works really both as a subtle plug or if you want to get creative and use it to really colour your tracks or mix.

    Marlon Gibbons (Mixing Engineer)
    Ivo Sotirov

    The T-Warmer adds a subtle but very musical effect. Even at extreme settings, it isn’t destroying the source while adding its unique character, much like a high-quality piece of analog gear. A must in every tool box!

    Ivo Sotirov (Mixing Engineer)
    Matthew Sim

    Sometimes you can’t use an EQ to add warmth to sounds if those frequencies don’t exist. That’s when I use the T-Warmer to recreate what’s missing without increasing the volume. To me, it sounds like analog gear but with an adjustable tonal color! Super easy to get a great tone out of it.

    Matthew Sim (Music Producer - Mixing Engineer)
    Emrah Celik

    When I first tried the T-Warmer, I was surprised by the overall tuning of the plugin and its sound. It's really well-tuned, easy to use and works wonders on every channel I throw it in. I had some similar plugins but none of them has that smooth carefully selected saturation and tone T-Warmer has. It literally replaced them easily. Well done!

    Emrah Celik (Mixing Engineer)
    Ricard Galusi - Sonic Vista

    T-Warmer is a very easy plug-in to use that helped me achieve warmth on my productions without the sensation of muddiness. Super useful tool and super quick results!

    Ricard Galusi - Sonic Vista (Music Producer - Mixing Engineer)
    David - Sonic vista

    The T-Warmer, will bring life into your sounds. Whether it's bringing 808s forward, fattening up guitars, bringing warmth to vocals... There is no better tool to achieve such great results in such a short time!

    David - Sonic vista (Mixing Engineer)
    Eryck Bry

    The T-Warmer is a unique plugin that does all the heavy lifting for you. Just set and forget! From gentle saturation to all out distortion, It gives your low-end some girth, weight and character. A very effective tool to have in your mixing toolbox.

    Eryck Bry (Mixing Engineer)
    Tory G

    What ever is going on, within the T-Warmer plugin is nothing short of awesome. Get all the extra Oomph you need in saturation and body, without having to constantly recorrect the tone of your audio - T-Warmer does it for you and it sounds great! Voice of God killer?

    Tory G (Music Producer - Mixing Engineer)
    Neenah Mixed it

    What I love about the T-warmer is how intuitive the plugin is. You can dial it in just enough to add some more weight wherever needed. Or my personal favorite: crank it as a preamp on guitars, bass, or synths!

    Neenah Mixed it (Music Producer - Mixing Engineer)
    T-Warmer Illustration

    User reviews

    Read what the users say about the T-Warmer on KVR and Gearspace forums, or share your own experience with other creators.



    7 and up as 64-bit VST and VST3, and 64-bit AAX (PT11 and up).

    Mac OS

    10.11 (OS X El Capitan) or higher as 64bit VST, VST3, and AU, and 64-bit AAX, Intel, and Native M1 & M2

    Useful Resources

    PDF User manualDownload Press KitDownload PresetsHave questions? Contact us

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