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T-De-Esser Pro

T-De-Esser Pro

Push beyond the limits and produce the brightest sounds that are clean, smooth, and free of artifacts. Take control of sibilance and let the T-De-Esser Pro eliminate any harshness or lisping in a whole new way. With this powerful tool, forget about any unwanted artifacts.

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Techivation Plugins Compatibility
Compatible with macOS and Windows.Available as VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. - Apple Silicon Chips

Smart solution for professionals

Music industry professionals go-to de-esser plug-in

Introducing T-De-Esser Pro - Natural Sounding De-Esser Plug-in | Techivation
10 Reasons to Upgrade to T-De-Esser Pro | Techivation

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Key Features

  • Side Chain Frequency Modes

    Side Chain Frequency Modes include four specific side-chained frequency bands to detect harsh sounds.

  • Mid/side Mode

    T-De-Esser Pro's Mid/side option lets you process a stereo track's center and side signals individually.

  • Stereo Link

    This option balances the depth of processing between the left and right or mid and side channels, as determined by the stereo Mode toggle.

  • Audition

    This feature allows you to quickly listen to the De-Esser filter's frequency range or just the effect of the De-Esser on your signal.

  • Lookahead

    The Lookahead function allows the de-esser to 'see' the input signal before it is processed, allowing it to handle transitory information better and make the attack smoother.

  • Attack/Release Control

    The attack setting controls how long it takes for the de-esser to engage, while the release setting controls how long it takes to let go.

  • Custom Frequency Range

    This feature allows you to choose your custom frequency range in high frequencies for a more accurate result.

  • Saturation

    The saturation feature in T-De-Esser Pro adds a unique color and texture to the sound, helping the de-esser in some cases to make a smoother sound.

  • Saturation Filter

    This option allows you to add saturation only to the specific selected high-frequency range.

  • Dry/wet Mix

    The 'Mix' option controls the mix of the two input and output signals. This feature makes it perfect for parallel processing.

  • Oversampling up to 16X

    Oversampling in T-De-Esser Pro helps you decrease aliasing by executing the internal process at a higher sample rate than the host, up to 16 times higher. (In other words, it will improve the quality of your audio.)

  • Hi-cut

    It's a very gentle filter that may fade away some of the harsh frequencies, resulting in a more pleasing sound when used in conjunction with the de-esser.

  • Scalable graphic user interface

    Scale up/down the GUI from 80% to 150% according to your preferences.

  • Undo/redo options

    Undo and redo options are built inside the plugin, you no longer need to worry about losing setting values.

  • A/B Switch

    Compare different options fast and easy to see which might work best.

T-De-Esser-Pro Features
Sound On Sound

What really sets this exciter apart from the crowd is the sound.

— Sound On Sound Magazine
Eryck Bry

Love it when a company makes existing tools better and Techivation did just that with T-De-Esser Pro. It's the swiss knife of de-essers with all the added extra features. Not only does it sound smooth and natural, it's super flexible and easy to use. A must have in your mixing toolbox!!

Eryck Bry (Music Producer - Mixing Engineer)
Brian Dane Hansen

The T-De-Esser Pro is a great-sounding plugin. All the features they packed into this thing make it a powerful tool even beyond de-essing! The team at Techivation nailed it.

Brian Dane Hansen (Music Producer - Mixing Engineer)
Ivo Sotirov

I always avoided using de-essers as they felt like a compromise to the precision of manual clip-gaining and automation. However, the T-De-Esser Pro is the exception. It’s musical, undetectable, easy to use, and offers plenty of parameters for tweaking. Don’t get me started on the slick UI. That’s how all de-essers should look and perform.

Ivo Sotirov (Mixing Engineer)
Louis Henry Sarmiento

The T-De-Esser Pro is an important tool for any studio/engineer/producer/or artist. They have added more detailed features, at the same time keeping it simple and intuitive to get the exact result you wish. It’s a great utilitarian tool and at the same time a super creative tool with so many possibilities. The ability to automate so many features is amazing! Techivation has a bright future ahead.

Louis Henry Sarmiento (Mixing Engineer (Sonic Vista Studios))
Ricard Galusi

The T-De-Esser Pro has become one of my go to plugins! With an impressive ease of use and a very intuitive interface, I can get great results in a very short amount of time. Features as mid-side processing and saturation that help to remove the more harsh sounds really make the difference from any other De-Essers.

Ricard Galusi (Mixing Engineer (Sonic Vista Studios))
Daniel Holsinger

When I first tried the T-De-Esser, I loved how it sounded. Now they have added control of additional features, and it will put this in a league of its own. I especially love the new audition feature and the ability to control the attack. The saturation option is also very unique. I can see this being used a lot as an audiosuite plugin in Pro Tools. You should definitely try this plugin if you haven't already!

Daniel Holsinger (Music Producer - Mixing Engineer)
Matthew Sim

T-De-Esser Pro is easy to use yet comprehensive enough to dial in the best tone for the vocals. I love the grittier tone I can get out of this de-esser. If I push hard enough, it adds that extra flavor to the vocal besides doing what it is supposed to do. T-De-Esser Pro will be part of my desert island tool kit from now on!

Matthew Sim (Music Producer - Mixing Engineer)
Sam Sherbin

T-De-Esser Pro is one of the best de esser plugins out there. The multiple frequency selection range helps to isolate the problem areas fast. Not only does it sound transparent but the saturation can be used creatively as well!.

Sam Sherbin (Mixing Engineer)
Marlon Gibbons

The T-De-Esser Pro, is an incredible De-Esser.. but it’s also so much more, yet the GUI makes it so intuitive. It lets you audition, hone in on and correct troublesome areas, but it’s as equally an amazing tool for colouring or adding character to a track or instrument. It’s a multi-tool in my opinion.

Marlon Gibbons (Music Producer - Mixing Engineer)
T-De-Esser Pro Illustration

User reviews

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7 and up as 64-bit VST and VST3, and 64-bit AAX (PT11 and up).

Mac OS

10.11 (OS X El Capitan) or higher as 64bit VST, VST3, and AU, and 64-bit AAX, Intel, and Apple Silicon Chips

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