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T-Puncher is designed to add musical punch and power to drums while maintaining a natural sound. No more struggling with too many knobs or an artificial sound. Once T-Puncher is on your tracks, you'll feel the punch, power, and musicality.

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Techivation Plugins Compatibility
Compatible with macOS and Windows.Available as VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. - Apple Silicon Chips

Smart solution for creators

T-Puncher makes your drums punch through while keeping them musical

Introducing T-Puncher | Techivation
The QUICKEST way to add punch!

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Sound Examples

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Key Features

  • Major Punchiness Control

    The Punchiness knob in T-Puncher lets you reduce or increase the amount of punchiness in sounds. By default it is set at 0%, which means the plug-in doesn’t affect the punchiness amount. It can go from 0 to -100% for less punchiness or 0 to 100% for adding extra punchiness.

  • Smoother (Saturation)

    T-Puncher “Smoother” feature allows you to add a unique saturation to the selected frequency range that you’re adding or reducing the punchiness from. It is a great option for rounding off aggressive transients. You can choose to go subtle or more aggressive with this feature, and set it from 0 to 100%.

  • Attack Control

    The Attack knob in T-Puncher lets you bring the transients and peaks of the sounds to the front of the mix or push them deeper into the mix. It’s a very powerful feature for achieving various artistic and unique sounds and overall mix.

  • Effect Modes

    You can choose to have “Soft” or “Hard” modes selected in T-Puncher. “Soft” mode gives you a more subtle result while changing the Punchiness amount, while “Hard” mode is designed to give you a more aggressive sound.

  • Frequency Range Control

    The frequency range control allows you to choose a range of frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz for controlling the punchiness and shaping the transients. For example, if 40Hz to 300Hz is selected, the changes in the plug-in apply to that frequency range only. So if you just want to enhance the kick drum hits in a mix, you can find the frequency range of that kick drum and apply the effect to the kick drum only.

  • Mid-Side Processing

    Mid-Side Processing This section of the T-Puncher plug-in lets you choose between stereo/mid/side.

    Stereo: When selected the plug-in affects the both mid and side signals on stereo tracks.

    Mid: When selected the plug-in only affects the sounds in the center (or mid).

    Side: When selected, the plug-in only affects the sounds on the side of a stereo track.

  • Solo Button (delta-listening)

    When this button is selected you will only hear the processed audio signal path post frequency range filter. This feature is essential for finding the right frequency range to set.

  • Soft Clip Option

    The soft clip option prevents the sound from being distorted when choosing aggressive settings, gently and smoothly. This option can be on or off to your choice.

  • Stereo-Link

    You can choose to have the Stereo Link option engaged or disengaged in T-Puncher. When engaged the overall punch effect is controlled by the loudest channel (left or right) and applied to both channels.

  • Oversampling set at 4X

    Oversampling in T-Puncher helps you decrease aliasing by executing the internal process at a higher sample rate than the host at 4 times higher. (In other words, it will improve the quality of your audio.) We use the latest oversampling processing technology to keep the plug-in very light on CPU, even though it’s always set at 4X!

  • Scalable GUI (80% to 150%)

    The GUI scale may range from 80% to 150%.

T-Puncher Features



7 and up as 64-bit VST and VST3, and 64-bit AAX (PT11 and up).

Mac OS

10.11 (OS X El Capitan) or higher as 64bit VST, VST3, and AU, and 64-bit AAX, Intel, and Apple Silicon Chips

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