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T-Clarity:Happy Mag Review

T-Clarity:Happy Mag Review

Techivation T-Clarity:a technical and creative tool for music.

UK plugin company Techivation has released T-Clarity, a new plugin designed to clean the muddiness and boxiness out of your music. As well as that, we found it useful in many more musical situations.

Techivation is a company based in the United Kingdom whose plugins land firmly in the production and mixing world of music making. With their latest plugin, T-Clarity they have found themselves with a useful tool to clean up an instrument or entire mix.

T-Clarity presents as a simple plugin, but we quickly found how complex and useful on so many different sources it is. To put it simply, it’s a multi-band compressor. As used by some of the music industry heavyweights we put the T-Clarity to work on a few things that have been produced at the Happy studios.

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